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Here are the tips by which you can improve your social media presence in just 10 minutes a day. This includes Monitoring your Social Media Presence, What should you be monitoring? Setting Goals, Streamlining your Process, Measuring your results.
Purpose Social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in onlinecommunities of shared interest and create share or consume content. It is an important tool of corporate and business engagement. It also encourages its employees and contractors to use social media in a personal capacity, as a way to reach out and share information and views with friends and communities – both old and new. With the rapid growth and application of social media -The 3 Rs ask that when you engage in social media you be clear about who you are representing, that you take responsibility for ensuring cooperate requirements, and that you show respect for the individuals and communities you interact with. Social Media Tools Social networking sites e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Friendster. Video and photo sharing websites e.g. Flickr, YouTube. Micro-blogging sites e.g. twitter. Google plus which affect SEO. Weblogs, including corporate blogs, personal blogs or blogs hosted by traditional media   publications. Forums and discussion boards eg Whirlpool, Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups. Online encyclopaedias e.g. Wikipedia. Any other web sites that allow individual users or companies to use simple publishing tools. I thought it would be helpful to put together a quick pros and cons of social media so that if you are engaging with social media ...
The business related social networking site LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members. It is the most powerful social networking site to help one grow business. Here are some ways to use LinkedIn effectively: Increase visibility: By adding connections, you can increase the possibility of your profile being visited first when people are searching for someone to hire or do business with. Improve connectivity: Most new users put only their current company in their profile. By doing so, they severely limit their ability to connect with people. You should fill out your profile. So, include past companies, education, affiliations, and activities. Improve Google Page Rank: LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index. Since LinkedIn profiles receive a fairly high Page Rank in Google, this is a good way to influence what people see when they search for you. Enhance your search engine results: You can also promote your blog or websites with search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Lead Generation: By actively participating in the LinkedIn community you will have the opportunity to offer your content in helping people solve their problems.


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