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Using the open source script PhotoSwipe, you'll learn how to add a gesture-based, fully interactive image gallery into your mobile website that replicates the "native" photo application bundled with iOS devices. Ste Brennan also gives a quick rundown of the events that are made available by mobile browsers A common requirement for many websites is a simple and intuitive way for visitors to browse and navigate around images. Indeed, there are literally hundreds of scripts available out there that achieve this. This requirement is also true for mobile websites. However, many solutions out there are tailored for the desktop rather than mobile devices. Features such as using your finger to "swipe" through images and using multi-touch gestures to zoom and rotate images are missing. Mobile users are used to browsing their photo library with the built-in applications that come bundled with their device’s operating system and it's only fair therefore, that mobile website developers to try and replicate this intuitive experience for visitors. PhotoSwipe (developed by Code Computerlove) makes adding this functionality simple. Inspired by the built-in iOS photo viewer application and Google Images for mobile, PhotoSwipe is ...


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    "I was promoting my business through personalized service to sale cruises and I came across VIS which helps to know what actually website could do for the benefits of my business. At present, it generates enquiry and notifies me through email on frequent basis. I am very pleased with that because it is easily manageable and I am getting more customers through the"

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