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Colour communicates meaning and our own assumptions can often be wrong as colours have different meanings in different cultures. Cindy Li of Yahoo Applications explains how to use colour to enhance the appeal and usability of your website while ensuring it remains accessible When I was about 10 years old, I toured the Disney MGM studios. I spotted an enormous wall of paint in jars of every colour, and in every shade. The artists used those jars to bring animation to life. I should have realised at that moment that my fate was sealed: I was a design colour geek. I love surrounding myself with colour because it stimulates my brain. It’s fascinating that colour can influence you to feel an emotion; the happiness you see on people’s faces when they see  blue skies, or the affection that surrounds somebody when they receive a red envelope on  Valentine’s Day. Be it through association or cultural influences, colour has meaning. When I design, I take the time to think about why I’m using a certain colour. I think about the cultural influences associated with it and whether it has ...
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