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21 March, 2011
COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVE Pragya Gautam, Anisha Gautam, SA | VIC | NSW - Australia M: +610421 827 993 | E: Srijita Shrestha California - USA M: +1650-996-9901 | E: Dinu & Shiva New Delhi, India M: +110029 9871393182 | E: Prakash Gautam Dillibazar-32, Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal P: +977-1-4438582 | E:  
20 March, 2011
    Who are we?   Versatile Information Solutions (VIS) provides online solutions for companies or individuals interested in their web design, search engine optimization, online marketing, eCommerce, multimedia solutions, web application development including mobile website and apps. Operating since 2005, we are pioneer in rendering dynamic, smart and professional web based solutions for small to large enterprises as well as other web design companies.     OUR PHILOSOPHY We are a team of real people who genuinely care and strive to give you the best solutions, ongoing support and continuous service improvement. We make technology simple to use and enable to get more online. Our daily focus is to ensure that VIS is The Perfect Partner.   Our Mantra "Integrating Technology for your business" to deliver significant business outcomes.   WHY VIS? Your business is unique and so should be your brand. To get you noticed, we will create great awareness and help to build credibility with the right target audience that reflects your work ethic and business model perfectly. We Ignite Passion into Your Brand by tailoring a design, development, ecommerce and marketing. We believe what separates us from the crowd is our focus on your business growth.   Give you more We believe that VIS most vital asset is our customers. Without them, we would not and ...


  • ~ President BBB- Ken Bruce (

    "VIS web design have been a key part of the growth of our club business by breakfast - bbb ( Creative design, internet marketing strategies and cutting edge skills have allowed all our participating business and partners to focus on practice rather than chasing down the next internet "fad". VIS Team really take the time to explain the process in a patient and always promptly returns our calls or emails. As former client of VIS - Website Design & Software Development, I can confidently say that VIS has provided our club better search engine results, more responsive customer service and far more creative flexibility - all at a fraction of the cost. VIS services have definitely allowed our business club to grow and thrive even in a very competitive"

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